The way you eat says everything about you!

Jul 27, 2023

Many of us do not pay attention to how we eat. However, our eating habits reveal everything about us.

Unfortunately, most of us were not taught how to eat by our parents when we were growing up.

The way we eat is so essential that there are schools that teach individuals table etiquette, including whom to dine with and which utensils to use.

A person who is physically healthy generally has other positive habits. Being fit usually leads to looking good, having a sense of style, keeping a clean home, and smelling good, among other things.

Eating clean and being conscious of how we eat have a similar impact. When we go on a date or are invited to an event, the person dining with us judges us based on our eating habits. However, we shouldn’t expect them to express or raise any concerns about our poor eating habits.

Some of us believe that if we were eating poorly or doing something wrong, the other person would notice. However, most people don’t want to deal with conflicts, and that’s why they usually don’t speak out about what they observe.

The way you eat can influence your relationships, career prospects, and friendships, among other things.

Who wants to dine with someone who chews with their mouth open, has food all over their face, and creates a mess at the dinner table? No one would say, “Yes, I want someone who is irresponsible with their eating.”

I once went out to dinner with a programmer, and he kept complimenting me on my eating style. However, I didn’t know him well enough to make him feel bad by saying things like, “If he observes others eating well, why was he eating poorly himself with food all over his mouth and chewing extremely loudly?”

Unfortunately, many people are like this. We often expect others to have qualities that we ourselves lack.

I’ve already mentioned that there is no shortage of “hypocrites” in the world. The main issue with “hypocrites” is that they deny their behavior, and most of them become angry or defensive when confronted about it.

Start paying attention to how you eat, how you chew, the noises you make while chewing, and so on. Some people say, “I don’t know where to begin.” I always encourage them to start with their eating habits. While there is an abundance of nutrition and weight loss information available, there is relatively little guidance on how to eat.

Here are a few examples: A) Don’t put your hand (or something else) in other people’s food. B) Don’t stick your fork and/or knife in someone else’s plate. (In some cultures, this might be acceptable.) C) Don’t talk with your mouth full. D) Even if you are hungry, don’t act like it. (This is a critical one.) Saying “But I’m hungry” should be avoided. The best thing to do is to follow the pace of the other diners. It shouldn’t be too quick or too slow. You don’t want to be the one who finishes everything quickly and then awkwardly waits. E) When eating at a restaurant, don’t make the waiter’s work more difficult. Make it simpler for him/her to do their job. Remember, they work hard, and they will appreciate a considerate guest. F) Don’t eat in a hurry. Wait for others as well! G) Don’t chew, eat, and talk while you’re drinking or before taking a new bite. H) Don’t play with your phone while dining with someone else, etc.

These are just a few examples. Your eating style speaks volumes about you.

Stay happy with your progress!

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