Aug 27, 2023

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Turning to alcohol is not a healthy solution. If you’re struggling with alcoholism, it’s important not to feel ashamed about your drinking habits or overindulgence. People find various ways to cope with their life challenges. However, as alcohol consumption increases, you might notice that returning to your natural state can trigger feelings of depression, along with self-critical thoughts.

There’s no benefit in dwelling on the past or asking “what if.” Such reflections rarely lead to progress. Instead, focus on what you can change. If you want to reflect on past mistakes, view them as lessons that have contributed to your personal growth.

Many role models have overcome unimaginable hardships, becoming influential figures in today’s world. Your challenges are opportunities for growth, not obstacles meant to break you.

Comparing your problems to others can lead to negative feelings about your own life. Embrace the idea that “I am capable!” / “I am navigating this” / “I have navigated this” because a higher power / the universe/luck, or whatever you believe in, intends for you to evolve!

Challenges and difficulties drive progress. Some of the kindest individuals have endured significant suffering. They often find joy in small things, even while refusing to vocalize their harsh pasts.

In the age of social media, true impressiveness has diminished. Merely observing something or showcasing it is not equivalent to experiencing or living it.

I’ve traveled to various places worldwide where grown men’s lives revolve around drinking and alcohol. Social constructs and entertainment contribute to this pattern.

Venues like nightclubs, bars, and restaurants often revolve around alcohol. If you don’t drink, you might feel unwelcome. Embrace your uniqueness and confidently choose what suits you without alcohol.

In the realm of MMA, I haven’t witnessed many fighters struggling with alcohol addiction. In fact, many abstain due to their higher purpose surpassing the desire for acceptance.

While drinking might temporarily uplift your mood, remember that what goes up must come down. When the effects wear off, you might return to negative emotions. It’s crucial to transition from avoiding difficulties to facing them and embracing growth.

In today’s world, which often values surface-level positivity over true effectiveness, confronting reality can be jarring. Yet, those who speak the truth, regardless of potential backlash, are what society needs.

These truth-tellers live in reality, and their happiness shines through despite their hardships. They might maintain disciplined lifestyles, and diets, or embrace solitude.

Growth isn’t solely nurtured by relationships, nor can someone else complete us. Overcoming challenges gradually mold us into our true selves.

The more we confront problems without resorting to numbing substances like alcohol or drugs, the stronger we become.

How does intoxication truly feel? Are we capable of making smart decisions while drunk? Generally, no. From poor decisions like drunk driving to conflicts and embarrassment.

Nobody suggests complete abstinence from alcohol, which might work for some. Consider a 10% to 90% approach: maintain discipline 90% of the time and relaxation 10% of the time.

Drinking excessively 90% of the time with discipline only 10% of the time is unlikely to yield positive outcomes.

If you’re on a journey of self-improvement, be prepared for criticism. Not everyone needs to approve of your path. Those who resist personal growth often offer the most unsolicited advice.

Investing in self-improvement is crucial. Nobody desires the company of an out-of-control, self-pitying individual who talks a big game but takes no action.

If you’re addressing alcohol dependency, start by reconnecting with yourself and gradually reducing drinking. Change need not happen overnight. Progress at your own pace and nourish your mind and body with information that fosters growth.

While staying informed is important, avoid drowning yourself in negativity. It’s valuable to be knowledgeable, but living in constant fear isn’t healthy.

During your journey, refrain from flaunting progress or results on social media. True accomplishments are often accomplished without drawing unnecessary attention and noise.

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