Become a kind beast!

Aug 25, 2023

Embrace the demeanor of a gentle yet formidable being. The idea of fostering kindness and gentleness universally does not necessarily equate to vulnerability towards everyone. Interact with others as you wish to be treated, although there’s merit in adjusting your approach based on their actions towards you.

Extending kindness to those who exhibit rudeness or bullying might inadvertently embolden such behavior. Much like how law enforcement arrests criminals to curtail their negative impact, the aim is a behavioral correction. If, instead, law enforcement rewarded criminals, the incidence of crime could surge. This analogy applies to adopting a universally “nice” personality.

However, moderation is key. Excessive niceness can come off as insincere. Approaching new encounters with a nurturing attitude strikes a balance. No need to be overly amiable or confrontational; this way, you neither infringe on others nor set yourself up for exploitation.

In situations where boys or men face bullying or harassment, they require practical coping strategies, not merely what sounds good. While many people are kind-hearted, reality dictates that a portion might seek to harm or bully. Being both kind and resilient is crucial. Equip yourself to handle any situation that arises.

If someone belittles you, bottling up tension isn’t healthy. Silence can sometimes be mistaken for weakness, fueling further bullying. Enrolling in self-defense classes, like MMA, offers a safety net. Humility is vital; proficiency in self-defense is reserved for dire circumstances.

Acquire knowledge, skills, and experiences, but retain humility. There’ll be those who boast expertise but won’t listen. When wisdom falls on deaf ears, silence holds value. Engaging in endless arguments to disprove misconceptions is fruitless; self-worth is internal.

Your worth isn’t defined by external opinions, whether rich or poor. Reverting to basics, a person governed by words lacks self-control. Transform into a kind yet resolute force. Gauge the proportion of behavior to exhibit and maintain composure in every situation.

Men swayed by emotions risk losing control and projecting vulnerability. Remember, control speaks volumes. Nature reflects this principle: a lion, the jungle’s ruler, exudes calmness, intervening when necessary. Conversely, a yapping Chihuahua, though noisy, lacks strength.

Emerge is the silent powerhouse, uninterested in showcasing abilities. Accept divergent opinions without compromising your character. In this manner, you forge a balance between kindness and inner strength.

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