Most people are NOT good people.

Jan 12, 2024

Caution: The content ahead may include potentially sensitive subject matter. 
The idea that “most people are good people” is often wishful thinking, as individuals may not always genuinely act positively. People may conceal darker aspects, especially those influenced by wealth, status, or opportunities. The belief that good people consistently act positively is not always true; some may go along with evil rather than opposing it.
You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
there is ‘a bit of Hitler in everyone. -Jordan Peterson, suggests the presence of inner darkness. It’s challenging but necessary to move beyond pleasing ideas and establish a foundation of principles.
Men, in particular, may struggle with presenting principles in certain situations but abandoning them when faced with attractive females.
The message encourages developing strong principles, being authentic, and expressing oneself despite social pressures. It challenges the notion that most people are inherently good and emphasizes opposing wrongdoing to avoid repeating a history marked by evil actions.
The message discourages self-censorship for the sake of appearing good and highlights that high-value individuals may face criticism for expressing strong principles.
Examples like Braveheart illustrate the importance of individuals with strong principles while acknowledging that not everyone is inherently good.
The statement “Most people are good” may seem fitting, but the definition of “good” varies.
A person can be good one day and evil the next, treating parents well but friends poorly. The message stresses that true character is revealed depending on the opportunity. If a person doesn’t have the chance he may remind or be seen as good. This is where the statement most people are good, may have come from.
A strong, authentic person doesn’t excessively focus on sounding good, past hardships, or feelings. They resist conforming for personal gain, which may lead to job loss and strained relationships. However, the trade-off is a higher quality of life.
The message prompts individuals to challenge their best versions and not settle for comfort. It suggests that individuals need to face challenging situations to reveal their true character, whether good or evil. The quickest way for a person’s true colors to shine is in opportunities that a person understands he can get away with and/ or he’s allowed to act evil.
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