Looking good is feeling good

Jul 27, 2023

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Who does not appreciate a well-toned, fit person passing by?

It is common knowledge that working out is good for us. We know that looking good means feeling good.

The question then is, if we all know this, why don’t most people actively pursue what they know?

Working out for 20 minutes every day or 3 to 4 times a week, with a 15-to-20-second rest period between sets, as well as consuming a healthy diet, would increase people’s functionality. It is not difficult to change one’s lifestyle, and this is not a well-kept secret.

There are a variety of free applications, YouTube videos, articles, and other resources available on how to stay in shape.

When asked, “Why don’t you work out?” The typical reply will be, “I don’t have the time.” However, this is a false statement. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Time is set as 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. No one receives more, and no one gets less.

The real reason is that working out is not important to most people. But they cannot respond in that way since it will come out as negative.

We all have 24 hours a day. Some people sleep all day, while others run around and keep themselves occupied, being busy. While others manage businesses, and so on.

It comes down to whether they do not want to do anything versus whether they want to do something about it.

There are also people who are actively working out. However, their physiques do not appear as if they are fit/in shape. This is usually because of improper training habits, lifting too heavy, being too relaxed in the gym, being underweight, or lack of sleep with improper diet or combinations.

Is it really challenging to exercise and stay fit? Why only a tiny part of the population takes part in wanting to eat healthy foods and look fit?

Many individuals still believe that humans need protein, or else they will die from protein deficiency.

Even though the proof is in the pudding, the world’s strongest animals eat fruits and vegetables. For example, a gorilla has incredible strength, yet they eat raw fruits and vegetables.

Most people know that actively working out will be beneficial to their minds and bodies.

Everyone understands that fruits and vegetables are beneficial to our health.

But why is it that most people in the world do not do what they know?

“I don’t have the time.” This sentence has been uttered far too often by those who are not into fitness.

Is this really the case? Do only fit people have the time?

Obviously not!

Humans are pleasure-driven, but those who choose to do what is difficult will be the ones who receive help from their challenging choices:

Be a watcher. Be a doer. Be a talker.

Everything else becomes simpler when we have control over what we eat. Our bodies have a unique way of communicating with us. When our bodies emit foul odors, whether from the armpit area, urine, droppings, skin, or breath, it is our bodies’ way of informing us that we are deteriorating from within.

Every animal eats what it is supposed to consume. For example, a horse grazes on grass all day, a lion hunts for meat, and birds eat seeds (which are considered mono meals). Except for humans, who blend meat, carbohydrates, flavors, and other components into a single meal. Our bodies are designed to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

We are unable to run fast, lack night vision, and our systems, particularly our teeth and digestive system, are not designed for hunting meat. When we eat an apple, the process produces more apples. Meat consumption has no self-recycling growth for other meat.

Our bodies are living organisms. In fact, water makes up 60% of the human body. At the very least, we should consume 95% live, raw foods, which are mostly water-filled fruits and vegetables. We need these to maintain proper hydration.

Eating raw is simple, creates no mess, and benefits both the earth and us. So, why not eat what gorillas eat? Without a doubt, we can!

We have only one body. Unfortunately, most of us treat our bodies as though they are worthless. Our bodies are designed to move, whether through fitness, exercise, walking, or other means.

Yes! You only get one life, so do not allow your physical strength to deteriorate just because you do not value your physiological well-being. A strong mind cannot live in a weak body. Allow your mind and body to coexist in harmony.

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