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Mar 18, 2024

Caution: The following content may contain advanced and potentially sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised.
As a man, you have probably experienced dating apps, and you may have searched online or asked your friends, or even watched YouTube videos about why dating apps suck for men. You have to understand that females don’t behave defensively and selectively, and they may even have unrealistic expectations without a reason. And it might be difficult for you as a man to believe or try to wrap your head around this. However, it is the fault of men.
Dating apps take away all the interactions, etc., of a guy having to approach a girl, which makes it easier. This easier interaction with girls has caused dating apps to allow any guy with any level to sign up. And most of the guys who are on dating apps are constantly pumping females with endless compliments. The advance of this can easily be found on most girls’ social media pictures or videos. And if a girl is constantly being praised, eventually, she’s going to think she deserves the best.
It should also be mentioned that it is not in the nature of men to be the more attractive-looking ones. That does not mean that a female should not look for an attractive guy. But it does mean that if a female makes a hot-looking guy her primary motive and at the same time filters out the rest of the men and demands a good-looking, tall guy that makes XX amount of large wealth, she may be able to land this type of guy for a short time. But those men also have their endless picks, so they will date many girls at the same time. When an average-looking girl lands those guys for a short time, combined with the endless male praising, she begins to believe she needs that guy for her future husband. This belief system of a girl from her being praised is why dating apps don’t work for over 80/90% of men.
And depending on where you live, approaching girls for men might not be fun. And as a man, as you work on yourself hard, and more and build your body, life, etc., your tolerance also decreases. Which makes it less desirable for you to want to talk to other girls. This is one of the major reasons why men who are husband material don’t put a lot of effort into girls. So the cycle of single girls waiting for Superman, and most average guys praising girls, and the small percentage of men who decide to have a neutral attitude towards girls goes in cycles. No one is happy in the end.
Girls’ prime age may not last forever, as the prime age is between 18 to 30. The Western world may try to be dishonest with women to try not to hurt their feelings. However, it’s better to be warned about reality than be shocked by it. And as long as most men continue to lie to women and continue to throw themselves at women and continue not to correct their bad behaviors, things are only going to get worse for both men and women.
Women may lose their prime age waiting for the top 0.1% of men. Men who wanted long-term relationships eventually, from being socialized and ignored and being given a bad attitude by women, will eventually not be interested in relationships anymore. Or they simply decide to become a ghost and work on themselves, and when their value has increased, those same women may be interested in those same men. But men with older age with their high value and confidence will aim for younger and hotter girls.
Men need to stop lying to women; men need to be neutral with females while at the same time holding them accountable for anything that they don’t like, instead of pretending everything females do is wonderful. And men online lie with each other to play the high-standard guy. However, once an attractive girl gets between the same guy, all those rules may be out of the window, and the same guy will throw himself at the girl’s feet for acceptance and likability.
High-value men will not tolerate dating apps and waiting and waiting for a small conversation or even getting ghosted after getting matched. They’ll simply unmatch those girls or eventually give up on dating apps. And some dating apps may even shadow-ban you to keep their users engaged longer to increase their traffic. While girls get endless matches, the average guy may even be lucky to get 2% of the matches of the girl. And when he gets any matches, he may be faced with a one-way conversation, if any, or he has to lower his standards to girls that he would not aim for in person.
If women have primarily targeted highly attractive men, these may be signs of a society in disarray. Men should approach discussions about women with a better understanding of female psychology. However, most men don’t comprehend how their own behaviors have contributed to the issues they often complain about in the West.
They tend to project their own perspective onto women, which is one of the reasons why men frustrated with women’s negative behavior seek relationships with different, attractive, and more appealing women in other parts of the world. If men continue to shower women with endless praise and persist in excessively pursuing them, we are likely to witness the exacerbation of problems, increased conflict, emotional detachment, fractured relationships, and unrealistic expectations from women.
The statistics, including declining marriage rates, a substantial number of men displaying little interest in long-term relationships, and the prevalence of divorces, particularly in Western societies, speak for themselves. Men with high standards may explore options elsewhere in the world to find more appealing and desirable partners, leaving women in the West ensnared in the cycle that some have perpetuated.
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