Hard life creates good men

The absence of things is something that can create joy when you have them. I’m sure you have met people who have been given everything— a house, car, money, wealth.  Others may envy them at first. However, as you get older, you may notice that these types of individuals, not always but usually, are not … Read more

Your choices are not your choices

Your choices are not just personal decisions; they ripple outward, affecting those around you. You’ve likely encountered individuals expressing dislikes, such as “I don’t like this” or “I don’t like that.” Sometimes, religious believers may proclaim that money holds no importance for them, often stemming from a misinterpretation of biblical messages. From a religious perspective, … Read more

Most people are NOT good people.

Caution: The content ahead may include potentially sensitive subject matter.  The idea that “most people are good people” is often wishful thinking, as individuals may not always genuinely act positively. People may conceal darker aspects, especially those influenced by wealth, status, or opportunities. The belief that good people consistently act positively is not always true; … Read more

Dating Apps!

Caution: The following content may contain advanced and potentially sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised. As a man, you have probably experienced dating apps, and you may have searched online or asked your friends, or even watched YouTube videos about why dating apps suck for men. You have to understand that females don’t behave defensively … Read more


I am not a medical professional; any guidance I offer is based on personal knowledge and should not replace professional medical consultation. For medical concerns or issues, it is advised to consult a licensed medical doctor. The information shared here is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Turning to alcohol … Read more

Are you likable?

Acquiring the skills to be perceived as likable is a valuable pursuit. People tend to feel an affinity towards those who share similarities with them. In general, possessing likable qualities is advantageous. The task of becoming likable might seem daunting or overwhelming. However, the effort invested in this endeavor is worthwhile. As you enhance your … Read more

Become a kind beast!

Embrace the demeanor of a gentle yet formidable being. The idea of fostering kindness and gentleness universally does not necessarily equate to vulnerability towards everyone. Interact with others as you wish to be treated, although there’s merit in adjusting your approach based on their actions towards you. Extending kindness to those who exhibit rudeness or … Read more

Beyond Preaching and Praying

Churches have the potential to serve as more than platforms for preaching about sins and the gospel. They can be powerful conduits for pastors to engage with their communities, extending their outreach beyond the traditional teachings. This broader approach not only enriches the lives of congregants but also has the potential to attract new faces … Read more

Listening is DEAD!

In a world where those who seem to have all the answers and are quick to dominate conversations often lead the least content lives, the value of active listening becomes apparent. These individuals, who exude an air of unwavering certainty, can be notably deficient when it comes to truly absorbing others’ perspectives. When placed in … Read more


In the evolving landscape of success, wealth, and personal growth, it’s evident that the game has undergone a transformation, and not necessarily for the better. The traditional path of education leading to a job and eventual success has shifted, with alternative routes emerging through platforms like YouTube and streaming. While these opportunities offer shortcuts to … Read more