Hard life creates good men

Jun 21, 2024

The absence of things is something that can create joy when you have them. I’m sure you have met people who have been given everything— a house, car, money, wealth.  Others may envy them at first. However, as you get older, you may notice that these types of individuals, not always but usually, are not very likable. They had and have money, and grew up very comfortably, but often experienced depression and unhappiness.
For a boy to become a man, he has to go through hardships. Often, an unbalanced hardship, without understanding how to use the suffering for the future, can lead a man to resort to alcohol or drugs. However, sometimes, a guy who had all the disadvantages may become one of the most successful and driven people in the world. A man can decide how he chooses his struggles: become hateful, resent the world, bully others, or use challenges to work on oneself.
Regardless of whether a man knows he will become successful or not, he can look at his past and tell himself that his struggles will keep him pushing forward. This journey is why most men don’t want to be part of the change. The progress of self-development is often hard, lonely, and painful. Healing happens in silence, without cheerleading. With a driven passion for being teachable and a high willingness to change, a man can decide to do anything and go through anything to reach his final goal.
On the other hand, a guy can look at his pain and succumb to self-pity, using alcohol as his refuge. The choice is theirs.
Absence or reasonable scarcity can create future good men, not just a superficially nice guy aiming for approval. A good man is someone who speaks the truth and is willing to be hated because he understands that doing what’s right is more important than saying what’s right. (Sounding good.)
A baby lion cub has to go through intense training, and a masculine father is often needed in a boy’s life to teach him the right balance of hardship. Something has to push against something to create something else. Resistance is what creates.
You may have met guys with wealth, a house, a good career, or those running their own companies. However, outside of their immediate family, they don’t seem to know their purpose. Not always, but often, these people seem miserable, low energy, and hopeless. There’s nothing wrong with having a family and working, but if a man has possessions and is still miserable, that’s the ultimate level of misery.
The absence of certain things in life was never there. Too much assistance from mom and dad, as a young boy, hasn’t given them the tools to be a well-liked, joyful man today. If a guy can’t get excited about the smallest things in life, the bigger things won’t make him happy.
The absence of food, when it becomes available, is more joyful. Learning to be good with money is because the boy has had an absence of money. Not having everything available, especially growing up, creates a future understanding of having to work for it.
Too much help from parents and the world causes a guy to not want to figure out how to create, get, find, or work for it. Most people may think they’re unhappy because of wealth. However, if anything is not done in stages, it can destroy a person. This is one of the many reasons why some lottery winners become depressed after winning.
Hardship is necessary—small bites of absence of something with a small amount of hardships. That small growth is what can create a good man in the future, provided the person understands how to use his own past experiences.
If you take a child from the worst parts of the world, bring him to a first world, and feed and love him, that’s often more than enough for him to show extreme gratitude. These types of individuals aren’t bothered or offended by words. Their hard life has been far greater than words, and they’re often fun to be around. You can be yourself, and speak your mind, and they show pure joy and appreciation towards anything. They often seem happy for no reason.
When a man suffers, he tries to take away sufferings. When a man is spoiled in life, he may bully the weak. A strong man stands up to bullies; a weak man bullies the weak. Creating good men is essential for our societies. No company or girl wants a weak, needy guy in their lives.
However, we have lost our paths. Millennials often praise a man based on his famous level and nothing else, without understanding what is needed in society. This is where a good man would refuse or accept. We need good, famous leaders instead of someone with a lot of followers and nothing more.
Society controls good or bad. If they praise anyone with a lot of followers, they tend to become role models without any purpose for them to create an example.
We can even see in professions such as teachers, police officers, judges, and lawyers that individuals who make a great fit for these careers are often those who have suffered themselves. They tend to view things with more nuance, avoiding a black-and-white perspective. Without caring or understanding a person’s situations, those who have not experienced suffering themselves may find it challenging to comprehend. Sometimes, because of their own misery, finding joy in another person’s unhappiness can bring them a sense of satisfaction.
The main idea in life is not just wealth and nothing else. It’s not about how fast, young, or quickly one can become rich with the easiest and quickest ways. If things are not done gradually and in stages, being a miserable man in a 12-bedroom mansion could be the ultimate misery.
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