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Jan 27, 2024

Caution: The following content may contain advanced and potentially sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised.

Men are simple. They do not require complex approaches and do not expect women to have great confidence, perfect body language, or powerful initiation to pick up or attract them. Men are also more forgiving of women. A female can make a lot of mistakes, have poor approaches, and still be able to attract a man.
However, to attract an attractive woman, a man must understand how she thinks and respond to her body language. Otherwise, the woman will quickly lose interest.
We must recognize that women in different cultures and countries approach men in different ways. If a guy attempted the same level of confidence in North America as in Asia, he would receive completely different results.
Women are the gateway, but there are other publications (mainly authored by other women) that can help women find a partner. Women, on the other hand, do not require assistance in attracting a man. They need advice on how to keep a man. And what is the best approach to maintaining a man? Why not ask the men themselves for advice?
Women help other women attract and keep a man, but the issue is that women often add too many unnecessary steps, making the process overcomplicated, difficult, and confusing.
Men are simple! With both genders, we need to understand them using the same-sex perspective.
When a guy becomes a “professional pickup artist” to attract attractive women, it is usually due to his numerous failures and mistakes. That man learns he needs to understand female psychology. In other words, a man can only increase his chances of attracting attractive women when he starts using female psychology.
When women try to help other women attract men, they use female psychology.
We must also remember that some women demand less effort than others.
The younger and more attractive a woman is, the greater level of competence she may expect from men. To attract those more discerning and gorgeous women (the 9’s or 10’s), a man must meet certain criteria.
When men tell women that it is easy for them to attract other women, women often dispute it because they may be unaware of the qualities and skills required for a man to attract other women.
A woman picking up another woman is often easier than a man approaching a woman.
Many women observe their own experiences and how easy-going women are towards them, and they apply those same rules to men trying to attract a woman.
Here’s an example:
When a female stranger compliments another female (even though it might be obvious that it is fake), females never take offense. However, if a random guy tries the same with a woman, it can come across as harsh or translate to “I want intimacy.”
How to keep a man:
There is no doubt that women desire love, while men primarily want to have physical intimacy. A woman has the capacity to keep a man as long as he feels a certain way.
It is ideal for young girls to learn about both men and women as they grow up. However, as society advances, more children are being raised in single-parent households, often without a father. A strong father figure is important, and children should have both their mothers and fathers while growing up.
They must learn from both sides as children. When a girl is exclusively raised in a female-dominated or single-mother household, she may face challenges in her relationships with men as an adult. Many men find these types of women to be difficult or unpleasant.
When a woman acts jealous, especially excessively, or nags him, it’s because, in a woman’s mind, she feels the need to talk about everything. However, that only exhausts the man.
When women complain about something, men are problem solvers. A man’s first response is to try and resolve the issue.
However, a woman doesn’t necessarily want a solution; she wants the guy to listen without offering any solutions to her problems.
This may not make sense to a guy, and it often leads to arguments. In the masculine brain, every issue has a solution, but it may not be suitable for women. It serves as a stress release for women.
Long-term relationship: (Only for high-quality men.)
It can be challenging for a woman to find a long-term, happy relationship that allows her to maintain her own high quality as an individual. This is a common misconception.
Like attracts like. That’s one of the reasons why men try to approach women in a gym environment. A physically fit guy wants the same in a partner.
One of the reasons people work out is to meet other fit individuals. A fit and attractive man may have a physical relationship with a woman he doesn’t find attractive, but he may refuse to be in a long-term relationship with her.
Once again, masculine men play a significant role in relationships. When a culture lacks masculine males, women in that nation may start to experience despair. As a consequence, they may start targeting the top 2% of good-looking men. (You can read more about why this may not be a good idea in another article.)
Women should not make landing a good-looking guy their primary goal.
When a man dislikes something, he will do everything in his power to let you know. If a woman continues to argue and confront him about everything, he will lose interest. The man may become physically and psychologically exhausted and lose interest in that woman.
In any relationship, our focus should be on finding ways to resolve problems, rather than creating extra drama and arguments. Adding more issues to someone’s life does not solve problems. This is one of the reasons why many high-value men find themselves refusing to enter long-term relationships. These men become less tolerant towards issues, bad behaviors, unnecessary games, and so on.
Some of these men choose to stay unmarried for most, if not all, of their lives.
When a man has his own life and a woman becomes a part of it, the concept is that she does not get to pick and choose what she loves and dislikes about his life. If a woman expects a guy to change, she is wasting her time.
Long-term relationships should serve the purpose of taking the steps towards marriage and staying together until death do us part.
Body language and the way a man carries himself are crucial. A self-assured, humble man must work hard to achieve his current state.
Don’t force ideas onto a partner. Find a match or a like-minded person.
If a girl is always worried about what other people think or complains about problems without confronting the person directly, talking about those problems with a man may annoy or bother him.
It’s important to find a good man. Don’t pick a guy who is afraid to tell the truth. The most risky ones are guys who are not strong and act too much like girls. If a man has worked on himself and is fit, he probably has other good qualities too.
Avoid desperate guys. If a man seems desperate in one part of his life, he might be desperate in other areas too. As a girl, you want to choose a strong and good man. The main purpose of being in a relationship is for a long-term marriage; otherwise, why bother being in a relationship just to break up later?
Weak mama’s boys are not attractive. Humbleness is attractive, and that’s what girls should look for. A guy who takes lots of selfies or shirtless pictures might seem confident, but he’s just trying to show off. Men and women are attracted to different things. A fit and wealthy guy is attractive when he can confidently say no and is honest.
A strong man should only bow his head to one lady in his life. A sexy man has control over his emotions. Emotional men can be dangerous because they don’t think logically; they act based on their feelings.
The biggest problem today is that girls judge guys based on past experiences or too much attention from other guys. But just because there’s a lot of food at a buffet doesn’t mean you should eat everything. Quality men have experienced challenges but stand strong with their principles. They don’t act desperate.
Girls should look for a strong man who has no problem telling the truth. Pay attention to how they talk, walk, and dress; it can reveal their personality. A man who sounds manly might have faced criticism from weak men who want him to sound more feminine. A man without strong principles might date anyone, and you wouldn’t feel special if you were just another girl to him.
The higher a woman’s demands on herself are, the more likely she is to attract masculine men. However, high-value masculine men will go out of their way to find the most attractive women.
You’re looking for a humble man who doesn’t boast, isn’t overly critical, and values honesty. To find a quality guy, women should seek someone who tells the truth, regardless of the circumstances. It’s a simple desire – sincerity and authenticity. Unfortunately, many men adopt a fake persona, fearing disagreement might make them less appealing to women. Finding a genuinely likable personality in a guy can be challenging. As a discerning woman, you’re not after mere quantity but a high-quality individual in your life.
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