Wisdom & Silence

Jul 11, 2024

Not everyone around you is on the same path as you. Many people, especially in the West, are very argumentative. Arguing with everyone is a quick way to lose friends and family. Being argumentative doesn’t prove intelligence. The smartest person in the room is often the quietest. They understand themselves, have high observational skills, and know their words are powerful, so they don’t waste them on deaf ears.

Most argumentative people don’t want to be proven wrong. For example, if someone believes the moon is made of cheese, presenting evidence won’t change their mind. They will argue back, get emotional, and refuse to listen because they don’t want to be proven wrong.

If you know what you’re saying is truthful and factual, stay quiet or speak minimally. Your words only have value if people are willing to listen. Don’t waste your time trying to convince those who don’t want to learn/ listen. Most people don’t want to change their beliefs because it challenges their comfort zone.

If you try to argue with someone who refuses to listen, you’ll only lose credibility. In social settings, others will notice and see you as lowering yourself. Years of experiences, struggles, and learning can be devalued in minutes by arguing with someone who won’t listen.

Remember the quote: “If wisdom falls on deaf ears, silence is golden.” There’s a time to speak and a time to stay silent. Practice listening and staying quiet, even if someone says something you know is wrong. Controlling your emotions and being patient will help you maintain your credibility.

Intelligence has different levels. Someone can read all the books but still not be able to apply that knowledge. Another person might excel in mechanics but lack skills in other areas. The best approach is to engage all your senses in learning. Don’t just read—work with your hands, listen, and experience different things. Absorb what’s useful and disregard what isn’t. This will help you grow and improve in all areas of life.

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