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Jul 11, 2024

Becoming a high-value person takes a lot of work. The term “high-value man” is used a lot, but its meaning can be vague and confusing. To understand what makes a man high value, we need to look at likability traits. If someone says they are high value just because they have a fancy car but aren’t likable, does that make them high value? Of course not.

A high-value man is someone who is likable, and likability often comes from overcoming hardship. When someone grows up without having everything handed to them and has to work hard for what they have, they remember the tough times and use that experience to grow.

A high-value person is humble, strives for success, dresses well, smells good, and carries themselves with confidence. The best example of a high-value man is someone who can easily say no and walk away from anything that threatens his peace or values. You cannot be high-value if you can’t walk away from things that aren’t good for you. Valuing yourself means knowing when to speak, argue, be charming, and when not to.

All the skills and qualities that make you high value come from overcoming challenges. If you have a father who understands this process, he can guide you with the love of both parents. This is why having both parents is important when raising a child. The old saying goes that a child raised by both mom and dad, especially if the dad understands the balance between discipline and love, will grow up well.

Many boys today may lack qualities like being interesting, lovable, likable, funny, and confident. As a man, if you are unsure of yourself, you need to understand that your value is determined by how much you value yourself. As your value goes up, your tolerance for things that don’t benefit you will go down. If you tolerate everything, you’ll get nothing.

Set high standards for yourself, criticize yourself more than anyone else, think deeply, and always aim to improve. A strong mind needs a strong body, so if you don’t know where to start, begin with your body. Act humbly, keep your growth process quiet, and let your success show through your actions, not words. Your words become powerful only when backed by your actions.

If you don’t know where to start or are interested in becoming high-value, the first thing I suggest is going to the gym. Once you start working out, the second thing to keep in mind is to keep your progress humble and quiet. Privacy is one of the best ways to grow without setting unrealistic expectations for others. Let the world see your actions, and hide your progress as much as you can. Minimize social media boasting. Focus on becoming better and stronger, and keep growing. Learn as much as you can and grow as much as possible. It doesn’t matter where you start; you just need to start.

As you grow, you’ll begin to notice the people around you. Some may not be on the same path as you. There’s a good chance that as you become high-value, you will start to lose friends who stay stagnant. They remain in the same environment while you continue to grow. The universe might remove those friends who aren’t on the same path as you. You might even lose girls or family members. As long as you know deep down you are on the right path, don’t worry about it. This is part of the process.

For many men, becoming high-value is difficult because it often means losing some things to gain something greater. You have to ask yourself if you are willing to make that sacrifice. Just remember to be truthful. Don’t put on a fake persona to achieve things. One lie leads to another, and eventually, you’ll run out of lies and lose credibility. Enjoy your progress no matter where you start or where you are. Keep it to yourself and let the world see your results. Practice in private so the world sees everything through your actions. You might even be hated throughout your journey; actually, there’s a good chance you will be hated as you grow.

Part of being high-value and setting standards means telling the truth when faced with a question, and speaking your mind, even if it makes you unpopular. Being honest can filter out things that would waste your time anyway. Alternatively, you could walk on eggshells to please everyone, but if you’re seeking a better version of yourself, pleasing everyone isn’t the goal.

And of course, no one is hated more than the person who tells the truth.

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