Girls chasing the 1% hottest guys.

Jul 27, 2023

With the advancement of technology, face-to-face contact have dwindled, and the influence of social media on girls’ behavior has become evident. The digital world often presents a false image of happiness, and people struggle to maintain reality to match the perfection seen online. Unfortunately, many men have become overly enamored with females on social media, and this has led to insincere and excessive compliments.

In Western society, the lack of masculinity exacerbates the issue. Studies indicate that some women mistake their dissatisfaction with a lack of masculinity on social media as simply wanting to date an attractive guy. However, unrealistic expectations arise when these women, who may not conform to societal beauty standards, seek highly handsome and athletic men.

In practical instances, even if these women manage to find the charming guy they seek, they are often dissatisfied and unhappy. This continuous pursuit of an idealized image leads to frustration and a lack of contentment. Meanwhile, some men attempt to deceive women with kindness and generosity, believing it will win them over, but this rarely works.

Women should be aware that their physical attractiveness may diminish with time, and they should prioritize finding a good, masculine partner before reaching their thirties when options might become limited. While society discourages such discussions, it’s essential for men to be honest with women about these realities.

It’s important to recognize that attractiveness is not one-sided; it exists in both genders. In human society, it’s the female counterpart whose appearance is typically considered more appealing.

The text also touches on the different approaches men and women take to attract each other. However, some of the points about sending explicit images should be omitted, as they may not be appropriate for this discussion.

Women’s dissatisfaction with social media and the chase for attractive men is perpetuated by algorithms that promote the top 2% of naturally attractive men. This leads to younger women believing they deserve nothing less than the best, contributing to unrealistic expectations.

The text compares dating experiences in different countries, suggesting that a lack of masculinity in a society affects women’s behavior, leading them to pursue the most attractive men.

In conclusion, technology and social media have impacted face-to-face interactions, and unrealistic expectations surrounding attractiveness have become prevalent. It is crucial for men and women to be honest and understand that both genders can be attractive. Moreover, societies should encourage genuine connections and communication instead of superficial and unrealistic expectations.

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