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Jul 27, 2023

In the twenty-first century, the internet has brought endless information, but it seems that many individuals have become complacent, lazy, and less conscientious versions of themselves.
Have you ever visited a senior citizen’s residence? One noticeable behavior is the prevalence of unhappy faces, low energy, and sluggish walks. But why should being older automatically imply dealing with hardships and struggles?
The answer lies in the choices we make throughout our lives. The difference between a 90-year-old who exercises and looks fit and one who doesn’t is solely age but the choices they made. The key is refusing to settle, being adaptable, open to learning, and welcoming new perspectives.
We often believe we are fixed in our ways, but the truth is, we choose to be who we are. Happiness can be found in transformation, yet many of us realize this only later in life when we regret not making changes earlier.
If you want others to change, start with yourself. Embrace change and be an example for others. Happy people surround us, but they won’t waste time giving advice to those who won’t listen.
Misery results from a lack of energy and initiative. To find happiness, one must take action and make positive changes.
People with good intentions may give terrible advice. Your mother, for instance, wants what she thinks is best for you, like settling down, but it may not align with your desires for adventure and travel.
Ultimately, you must be prepared to deal with the consequences of your choices. You might face hardships, but the satisfaction of pursuing your dreams and desires outweighs the disappointment.
Our communication often hinders progress. Many people conform to societal pressures, leading to an “MGTOW” mentality, where men go their own way to avoid societal expectations.
It’s essential to question advice and not blindly follow others’ opinions. The key is to align your actions with your words to maintain credibility.
Don’t force advice on others, and don’t take guidance from those who don’t practice what they preach. Accept that not everyone will support your journey of self-growth, and that’s okay.
Refrain from sharing your entire life on social media. Instead, focus on living authentically and embracing change.
Taking risks, failing, and trying new things can lead to self-discovery. Regret often stems from ideas not acted upon.
In the end, we must be true to ourselves and make choices that align with our dreams and aspirations. Transformation and self-improvement are the paths to happiness.
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