Attracting girls

Most men act outside of their own nature. I used to think this problem was because of how females react. However, when I started traveling and noticed the same patterns being repeated, I began to understand. Men need to become more likable. A girl’s body language is essential. When a guy stares at a female … Read more

The way you eat says everything about you!

Many of us do not pay attention to how we eat. However, our eating habits reveal everything about us. Unfortunately, most of us were not taught how to eat by our parents when we were growing up. The way we eat is so essential that there are schools that teach individuals table etiquette, including whom … Read more

Looking good is feeling good

Disclaimer: This article does not aim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Everything discussed is only for entertainment purposes. The author accepts no responsibility. Who does not appreciate a well-toned, fit person passing by? It is common knowledge that working out is good for us. We know that looking good means feeling good. … Read more

Don’t fire a good employee.

Having the power to do something does not imply that authority should be exercised.   When a company seeks to hire additional employees, the potential recruiters must go through HR management, which is the screening system that recruits or rejects qualified candidates. If the HR management makes poor judgments, then the company will suffer.   … Read more

Women getting men

Caution: The following content may contain advanced and potentially sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised. Men are simple. They do not require complex approaches and do not expect women to have great confidence, perfect body language, or powerful initiation to pick up or attract them. Men are also more forgiving of women. A female can make a … Read more

The lone wolf..

In the twenty-first century, the internet has brought endless information, but it seems that many individuals have become complacent, lazy, and less conscientious versions of themselves.   Have you ever visited a senior citizen’s residence? One noticeable behavior is the prevalence of unhappy faces, low energy, and sluggish walks. But why should being older automatically … Read more

How I know is, killing me.

The title “What I Know is Killing Me” is inspired by a perception, where “killing” refers to more of a mental stagnation rather than physical death. Words have power, and when we mindlessly say “I know” or “I don’t know,” we might stop ourselves from learning and growing. It’s crucial to use words intentionally and … Read more

Girls chasing the 1% hottest guys.

With the advancement of technology, face-to-face contact have dwindled, and the influence of social media on girls’ behavior has become evident. The digital world often presents a false image of happiness, and people struggle to maintain reality to match the perfection seen online. Unfortunately, many men have become overly enamored with females on social media, … Read more

Young men VS 201st century.

We live in a world abundant with information, yet this doesn’t necessarily equate to increased awareness or intelligence. Life presents us with various challenges and stresses, and our resilience enables us to bounce back and grow from these experiences. While life doesn’t come with a manual, we can learn from each other and seek guidance … Read more

Become a man

One good example: a smoker is aware that smoking has negative consequences. However, they hope that it will not lead to self-harm. It is simpler to keep doing what hasn’t worked in the past, even though it will eventually destroy the self-harmer. That is why most individuals are always on the lookout for spelling or … Read more