Young men VS 201st century.

Jul 27, 2023

We live in a world abundant with information, yet this doesn’t necessarily equate to increased awareness or intelligence. Life presents us with various challenges and stresses, and our resilience enables us to bounce back and grow from these experiences. While life doesn’t come with a manual, we can learn from each other and seek guidance from professionals to navigate toward success.

One of the stressors in modern society is the overwhelming amount of information from social media and the internet. While social media serves various purposes, it also leads to a disconnection from genuine social interactions, impacting our relationships.

Another stressor is the lack of male role models in children’s lives, leaving many boys without proper guidance and a sense of belonging. Absentee fatherhood can lead to confusion and a search for identity in a world without the right support.

Single mothers often try to fill the paternal role as well, but this may not fully address the void left by the absence of a father figure, leading to unrealistic expectations and challenges for their sons.

On social media platforms like Tiktok and YouTube, we see teenagers seeking male guidance and modeling their behavior after what they perceive society expects of them. However, relying heavily on social media may not lead to the desired results.

Unfortunately, Western high schools often fail to provide adequate life skills and resilience training for success in the adult world. As a result, many young adults struggle to adapt to the real challenges they face, leading to failed relationships, addictions, unemployment, and a diminished quality of life.

To address these issues, individuals must be open to change and reevaluate their upbringing and values. Seeking guidance and learning from others can lead to personal growth and success.

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