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Jul 27, 2023

One good example: a smoker is aware that smoking has negative consequences. However, they hope that it will not lead to self-harm. It is simpler to keep doing what hasn’t worked in the past, even though it will eventually destroy the self-harmer. That is why most individuals are always on the lookout for spelling or grammatical errors in the work of others.

Change is tough, but some people try to demonstrate their intelligence to others by pointing out and recognizing others’ “stupidity” and spelling errors. Those who strive for self-improvement are less likely to point fingers or scoff at others. Masculine men want to encourage each other and will never ridicule someone else.

Change is uncomfortable, tricky, and requires a lot of effort. However, it is certainly worthwhile. If you don’t want to experience ultimate happiness as a man, I suggest you stop reading, avoid seeking change, and go back to your old habits. Life responsibilities are difficult to take, and it may not be for many men.

Now let’s discuss the reality of the Western world:

Sadly, most men don’t fully embrace the role of being manly men. These men may have a lower chance of success, and happiness, and may lack devoted male companions. Unfortunately, they are easy targets for bullying and harassment.

When most males are asked, “How can you be healthy?” they immediately jump on the bandwagon and provide complicated answers about foods, fruit varieties, or protein shakes. What type of physical exercise should you do? How should one go about it?

Then, ask the same men follow-up questions such as, “Do you exercise?” or “How long have you been working out?” If they practice what they preach, their bodies will give you a clear indication. Observe them. Do they look fit and healthy? Do they have a sense of style? Do they have a pleasant scent? And so on.

Gradually, you will get an idea of who the talkers are and who the doers are.

If you ask most men if working out and eating fruits and vegetables are good for you, they will answer, “Yes!” right away. And you might be curious enough to ask further, “How should you work out?” and “What kind of exercise should you do?”

You’ll notice that the same types of people don’t follow through on their own comments. There is no shortage of hypocrites in the world. On the contrary, discovering a hypocrite has become far too prevalent.

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